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At MEES we specialise in helping Landlords, Financial Institutions, Social Housing Providers & Local Government with mitigating the risk to their residential property portfolios as a result of the proposed Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards rising to an EPC rating of C.

This change is planned for all properties rented to new tenants from the 1st April 2025 & all existing tenants from 1st April 2028. Currently there are circa 4.44m privately rent properties in the UK. It is estimated that 79% of these have an EPC rating of D or below.

We will assess your property using RICS surveyors & provide a cost benefit analysis of the necessary works required to ensure the property remain legally lettable once the new legislation comes into force.

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Our Assessment Process

Each property is graded in a simple green, amber & red system.

Green properties are either currently compliant or can be made compliant through freely available or low cost energy efficiency improvements.

Amber properties are non-compliant but can be made compliant through a mixture of free, low cost & paid for energy efficiency measures relative to the income the property generates. This is normally set at one year’s rental income.

Red properties are those that are highly unlikely to be upgradable to meet a minimum EPC rating of C, those properties where the financial spend is like to exceed one years rental income or properties that will not meet any of the exemption reasons.

Critically we will identify those properties that are unlikely to be financially viable to improve & that pose the greatest risk to their owners. Disposal may well be the most economic action in this case.

How MEES Can Help

We can help you upgrade your properties. For properties requiring fabric first measures – such as loft & cavity wall insulation, or properties requiring electrical measures such as solar panels or high efficiency electric heating – our operations team can provide whole building quotes to install the measures required.

Where possible we will also find funding to support the installation from the vast array of Government & Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes. This ensures you have a one stop shop to upgrade your properties to the required standards ready for 1st April 2025.

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Benefits Of Our Service

  • Transparent property assessments.
  • An all-in-one service.
  • Cost-effective efficiency solutions.
  • Assistance for finding financial support.
  • Property exemption advice.